Eat Smart – How You Eat is as Important as What You Eat

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When you think about what it means to eat smart you automatically think about what foods are good for you and what foods you should steer clear of.

While you need to eat foods that are nutritious for your health and delicious to your taste buds, it is also important that you pay attention to how you eat.

This is something that very few people ever give much thought to.

Read on for some ways you can start learning to eat smart by focusing on the “how” side of eating.

Listen to Your Body

Eat SmartThis sounds a little strange, doesn’t it?

It is important to tune into your body and to listen to what it is telling you. Eat your meals slowly and stop eating before your stomach feels full. It takes a few minutes for the stomach to send a message to the brain that it has had enough.

You want to eat enough to provide your body with what it needs but you also want to feel good after you have eaten. In order to feel your best, do not overeat and end up feeling stuffed and ready to burst!

Overeating is not good for anyone.

Thirst, Not Hunger

Sometimes what you think is hunger is actually thirst. Next time you think you are hungry, drink a glass of water and see if it helps. Be aware that if you have reached the point of being thirsty then you are dehydrated.

Prevent this from happening by keeping yourself hydrated at all times. Drink a sufficient amount of water every day. Aim for six to eight glasses.

Eat Breakfast

Always break the fast in the morning with a healthy breakfast. This helps to get your metabolism working in high gear and gives you the energy you require for the day ahead. Consume the majority of calories earlier in the day in order that you have the remainder of the day to work them off.

You also might want to eat small frequent meals throughout the day as opposed to three big meals a day in order to balance out your caloric intake and keep your blood sugar at a healthy level. A bigger breakfast is much more important than having a big lunch or supper. Skipping breakfast will not help you to lose fat so don’t even go there!

Dine and Enjoy the Experience of Eating

Take the time to enjoy your food. Don’t just eat, dine instead. Chew your food slowly and notice the texture of the food, as well as the flavor, the temperature and the smell. Don’t just wolf down your food; spend time learning to enjoy the eating experience.

Eat Smart

You might be surprised at how much better food tastes and smells once you start taking the time to actually enjoy what you are putting in your mouth.

Talk Less While Eating

When you eat with other people, do not talk so much that you draw in a great deal of air as this can lead to indigestion. Keep talking to a minimum and concentrate on eating. In the same way, drink water before a meal, or after, but not between mouthfuls.


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