Are You Eating Healthy Foods at Breakfast Time

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It’s touted as the most important meal of the day, but many people don’t take the importance of healthy foods at breakfast time seriously.

If breakfast is so important, then why do so many people skip it to get their day started earlier, or simply grab a quick piece of toast and coffee for the car and their commute to the office?

Believe it or not, it’s quite easy to eat a healthy breakfast on the run without having to put in a whole lot of prep time. All that it takes to ensure that your breakfast is balanced and healthy is a little bit of forethought to make sure you have healthy choices on hand as you make your mad dash out the door in the morning.

Healthy Food Means Having Proteins In Your Diet

Long gone are the days of bacon and eggs for breakfast every morning. There just isn’t enough time, and the grease is enough to clog an artery the size of a sewer.

Everybody needs protein, however, and there are various ways to get it.

Having a few peeled hard-boiled eggs in the fridge makes for a quick and easy protein hit without the grease of frying. You can also grab a handful of nuts to munch on or to sprinkle in your yogurt.

If you are more of a toast person in the morning, you can just as easily spread nut butter (peanuts or almonds being the most popular) on your bread.

Another Of The Healthy Foods To Add To Your Diet Is Grains

The simplest way to get some fiber into your body at breakfast time is to have a slice or two or toast. But not all toast is created equal. Pick and choose your bread wisely, looking for whole grains, stone milled and artisan type breads to give you the healthiest choices and the most nutrients.

Whole grain muffins, such as bran or carrot, are also healthy choices, providing you with a good source of fiber in your diet.

Dairy If Another Of The Healthy Foods You Should Be Consuming

Growing up you probably always had a big glass of milk beside the bowlful you had poured on your cereal. As you get older your taste for milk lessens, but your body’s need for calcium does not go away. To maintain a healthy and balanced diet, you will need to look for other dairy sources at breakfast time besides cream in your coffee.

A yogurt cup or drink are both excellent alternatives, as well as an unprocessed cheese slice on your toast or all on its own.

Healthy Foods Is Also Eating A Variety Of Fruits

Fruits are seen as one of the hardest healthy foods to work into your breakfast routine, when they can actually be one of the simplest to prepare. When most people think of fruit at breakfast time, they think of a fruit salad at Sunday brunch.

Although fruit salad is a nice treat, it just isn’t practical on a weekday morning.

A large glass of fruit juice can be considered as a helping of fruit and is also a great way to rehydrate yourself first thing in the morning.

Grabbing an apple, banana or a bunch of grapes from the fruit bowl to munch as you read the morning paper or make your commute into work is also a quick and easy way to make sure you get your serving of fruits in the morning.

Healthy breakfast foods take very little effort in the way of preparation; grabbing a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit in its natural form takes less time and energy than going through the drive thru and is much better for you.

Those healthy food choices that do need some prep work, such as toast or juice, only need a minimal amount of effort, and those that need more, like muffins, can be made on the weekends when you have more time to spare.

Once you make the decision to eat a healthier breakfast, you will soon find yourself with more energy to get through your day, and you’ll be asking yourself  why you hadn’t made the switch to healthier breakfast foods before.


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