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My name is Maria B.Masters  , a leading specialist in weight loss and health in the US. And I am the founder of Weightlosslifetoday.com website dedicated to smart  methods and techniques of eectivefat loss.

With a mission

Helping 1,000,000 people around the world have an attractive body out of obesity and unnecessary weight to have good health and a highest-class lifestyle, get anything they want, have interesting relations and head to the promised land. You are the next person in the list of those 1,000,000 people in a family full of happiness and joy of this wonderful life. Let’s explore this life in the journey to the promised land.

“Since you know me, there must be something you do not know about me, I always remember that I once owned a body so big that I was almost fatty like suffering from obesity. Those were really boring days when I had no self-confidence and I hated my self. Relationships around me became so messed up, those bad days are filled with alcohol and marijuana, etc. People were alienated from me, and I was desperate for life at maximum level!

When I was bored with such bad scene, I spent every night thinking and then I decided to make my own choice to make a happy new life as I wished despite everything that stopped me, I would still go on. I was starting to search, act in defiance of everything to change myself, and then one day I watched a movie “ Secrete of Attraction Law”

A movie of one hour and 45 minutes long, but I had to watch over and over again to understand every word in the movie. I was like a person who discovered a new horizon, I decided to fly straight to the house of Rhonda Byrne, who is the author of documentary movie “The Secret“, and the person who changed the lives of billions of people around the world and then thanks to her help, I have found a new way for me, etc.

I changed my diet by adding more fiber products (vegetables, grains etc.), removing sweets and drinking a lot more water. I also did cardio in the mornings and went to the gym 3 times a week. In about 6 months I managed to lose 55 pounds and now my weight is around 180 lbs. I know it might not be the extreme weight loss you would see on TV, but these are the results I am happy with. I have returned to an active lifestyle and even passed a test for the black belt in karate.

Many people asked me how I managed to lose weight and what weight loss techniques I can recommend. After doing thorough research on this matter I came to a conclusion that weight loss process should not be difficult and frustrating. It is not about quantity of your actions, but the quality. Fat loss should be smart.

Therefore, I have decided to come up with a resource gathering all most effective fat loss methods to help other people dealing with similar problems.

I hope you will find lots of useful information here to assist you on your weight loss journey.

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To your success,
Maria B. Masters