10 Simple Tips to Stop Eating Junk Food

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Eating junk food is certainly a bad habit – it causes weight gain and serious health problems. But strangely enough, this is the food you will be offered first when walking through the streets and in fast food restaurants.

Its main selling point is that it’s delicious and will calm down your hunger fast. That’s why it’s hard to ignore such offers when you are a busy person and don’t have enough time to care about the quality of your meals. However, once you do a little research on the matter, you’ll realize that it’s better to stop eating junk food as soon as possible.

Things You Can Do Today to Stop Eating Junk Food

Tip 1: Plan Your Meals

If you plan your meals beforehand, you will not find yourself in a situation when you are tired and hungry but have no idea what to eat. Most people order a burger or pizza in such cases, as this is the simplest option and it often seems the best choice.

By having healthy meals prepared beforehand or at least knowing what you want to cook, you will improve your diet and reduce your chances of going for junk food.

Tip 2: Eat Small Portions Frequently

You will not have the temptation to snack on fries and soda if you eat frequently. While planning your ‘stop eating junk food’ program, make sure to include at least 5 meals in your daily schedule. Thus you will actually eat almost every 3 hours, leaving almost no time for the thought of buying something junky.

Tip 3: Improve the Satiety of Your Meals

Another problem for those who don’t stop eating junk food is that they never feel full for long. These foods are created so they increase your blood sugar level rapidly, but soon after the effect is gone. By preparing meals with products high in fiber (certain fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, etc.) you will get energy that will last for hours, keeping you full and working for longer.

Tip 4: Eat Healthy Snacks

If you feel like you can’t give up on snacks, quit eating junk food and use healthy replacements instead. Make sure they are within your reach, where the former snacks used to be. If you are used to eating chips, try cashews or almonds as replacements. If you like to snack on something sweet, replace the unhealthy products with dried apricots or dates.

Tip 5: Pay Attention to the Fats You Consume

In order to stop eating junk food, read about the harmful effect of saturated fats. Fast food, many sauces, etc. contain lots of these fats; so if your goal is a healthy diet, make sure to add products high in unsaturated fats to your meals. For example, it’s better to use olive oil as your salad dressing instead of junky sauces.

Tip 6: Eat Multicolor Dishes

Make your meals different all the time. It will be easier to stop eating junk food if you try something new but healthy every week. Adding products of different colors will enrich your meal with a wide range of vitamins, microelements, and antioxidants. Try making salads with veggies of as many colors as possible, and you will feel happier even just looking at the dish.

Tip 7: Cook More

Whenever you have free time, try cooking lessons, learn healthy recipes, and practice. When you know you can prepare something tasty and healthy yourself, you won’t think about junk food. Moreover, you are able to modify the taste so it’s exactly how you like it.

Tip 8: Avoid Junk Food in Grocery Stores

Most supermarkets are planned in a way so you always see junk food somewhere. There is also a theory that the aisles are built to make you wander around for as long as possible, spending more money on foods you weren’t even thinking about. When you are in such a store, look only at the peripherals – most often you will find vegetables, fruits, and other healthy products right there.

Tip 9: Manage Your Stress

Any stressful environment will often makes you crave for junk food to comfort yourself with. In order to eliminate this habit, try to manage stress using other ways. Go out to the park, do yoga, talk to friends or family, take up a hobby – keep yourself away from junk food. Thus you will develop several stress management techniques that will be healthier and will work better for you.

Tip 10: Get Enough Sleep

It sounds almost impossible in many cases, but try to get at least the minimum rest you need. Studies have proven that a lack of sleep increases junk food cravings. If you suffer from insomnia, try not to eat within the several hours before you go to bed. This will help you fall asleep faster and feel more rested in the morning.

The tips above are simple enough to try. Make sure you keep on improving your diet and lifestyle – the process of eliminating a bad habit lasts more than one day and even more than one week. But as a reward, you will look healthier and avoid many diseases caused by the harmful elements contained in junk food.


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